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C4 Pre Workout vs Mr Hyde Review

22 Sep , 2017   C4-pre-workout-v-mr-hyde

We enjoy comparing products here at SupplementTester, to see which is the best on the market. So we're comparing 2 very popular pre workouts in this review - C4 vs ...

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C4 Pre Workout vs ON Pre Workout

21 Sep , 2017   C4-Pre-Workout-v-ON-Pre-Workout

We're comparing 2 pre workouts with massive reputations against each other in this review. Whether you've taken them or not, you would have heard about these products before - but ...

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N.O Shox Xtreme Review

20 Sep , 2017   N.O-Shox-Xtreme-review

We're always on the search for new products to review, and we found a popular product in France - N.O Shox Xtreme. Claimed to promote: Muscle pumps Energy Focus Strength & ...

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Scitec Nutrition Big Bang Review

18 Sep , 2017   Scitec-Nutrition-Big-Bang-Review

Scitec Nutrition has given their pre workout supplement an explosive name. But is it likely to work? This is exactly what we'll be looking at in this review. Claimed to promote: ...

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BSN N.O Xplode XE Edge Review

15 Sep , 2017   N.O-Xplode-XE-Edge-review

BSN once produced an extremely popular pre workout called 'N.O Xplode'. However, that was banned after containing harmful ingredients, which led to them releasing a 'N.O Xplode 2.0' afterwards. This ...

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B4 Burn Pre-Workout Review

14 Sep , 2017   B4-Burn-review

We're always unsure about whether companies should make gender targeted products. Why? Because even testosterone boosters can benefit women, so we believe the best products should be unisex. Claimed to promote: ...

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Superset Nutrition NO Pump Xtreme Review

13 Sep , 2017   Supetset-Nutrition-NO-Pump-Xtreme-Review

Supetset Nutrition are a big name in France, but they've not tried to penetrate other markets yet. This made us interested in finding out whether their pre workout, NO Pump ...

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Thermodrone Extreme Burner Review

12 Sep , 2017   Thermodrone-Extreme-Burner-Review

We've chosen to review a fat burner supplement that's popular in Europe, to see how it can compete with our highest rated list. It looks promising from first glance, so ...

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Biotech Wianabol Review

1 Sep , 2017   Biotech-Wianabol-Review

This is a testosterone booster from BioTech USA (who appear more popular in europe than they do in the USA, which is strange, considering their company name). Claimed to promote: Testosterone ...

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Olimp Redweiler Review

30 Aug , 2017   Olimp-Redweiler-review

This is a pre-workout that's seriously popular in Europe, especially France and Germany. So it'll be interesting to see whether it can keep up with our highest rated pre-workouts. Claimed to ...

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Biotech Super Nova Review

29 Aug , 2017   Biotech-Super-Nova-Review

It's not often that a product becomes popular in both USA and Europe, but Biotech USA has managed this with their pre-workout, Super Nova. Claimed to promote: Improves sporting performance Energy ...

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Eiyolab Testo HT Review

25 Aug , 2017   Eiyolab-Testo-HT-Review

We're enjoying seeing what other countries have to offer at the moment, and Eiyo Testo HT is another product that's very popular in Europe (especially France), but hasn't made an ...

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Scitec Nutrition Revex-16 Review

24 Aug , 2017   scitec-Revex-16-review

This is another fat burner by popular supplements company, Scitec Nutrition, that's aimed to help you achieve your dream physique. But the question is, does it contain the right ingredients ...

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Superset Nutrition Redburn Hardcore Review

24 Aug , 2017   Superset-nutrition-redburn-fat-burner-review

Superset Nutrition are a supplements company that are very popular in France - although they haven't managed to penetrate other markets as well. So we're seeing whether a top-rated fat ...

Fat Burner

Thermo Speed Extreme Review

23 Aug , 2017   Thermo-Speed-Extreme-Review

Olimp Sport Nutrition are a big name in Germany, but they haven't really made as much of an impact in other parts of the world. However, we always like to ...

Testosterone Booster

Superset Nutrition XenaTest Hardcore Review

23 Aug , 2017   Xenatest-hardcore-review

We're looking at one of the most popular testosterone boosters in France here - XenaTest Hardcore. Although it's not as popular in the USA, it'll be interesting to see whether ...

Testosterone Booster

Crazy Bulk Testo-Max Review

22 Aug , 2017   Crazybulk-TestoMax-Review

With a name like CrazyBulk. we were always expecting big things from this company. And when we saw Testo-Max, we started to wonder whether it could compete for a place ...

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Scitec Nutrition T-360 Review

21 Aug , 2017   Scitec-Nutrition-T-360-Review

Testosterone booster supplements have become very popular, and for good reason - they help you build muscle while avoiding the dreaded increase in belly fat. As a result, it's no surprise ...

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Scitec Nutrition Fireworks Review

18 Aug , 2017  

Scitec Fireworks caught our attention after we saw the luminescent green container. It reminded us of the incredible hulk, so we were interested to see whether it would deliver skin-splitting ...

Fat Burner

Scitec Nutrition Shredex Review

17 Aug , 2017   Scitec-Nutrition-Shredex-Review

Scitec Nutrition are a big supplements company known around the world. So we're always expecting big things from them, and it's no different with Shredex - their fat burner that ...