Alpha Jym Review

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If you have reached an age where your testosterone levels have begun to drop then JYM Alpha Jym might be the way forward.

From the well-respected JYM Supplement Science product range – and formulated by Dr Jim Stoppani – Alpha Jym packs in a lot to its five-stage testosterone boost.

It works by encouraging testosterone production in the body, maintaining a healthy estrogen balance, providing antioxidant support for testosterone-producing cells, freeing up more testosterone and reducing testosterone excretion.

With a daily regime delivering a massive 4,200 mg (2,100 mg per serving) of testosterone-boosting ingredients, it is easy to see why there are plenty of good reviews about the pills.

Ingredients and how they work

Fenugreek extract – This plant has been proven to increase male libido through the production of testosterone.

Ashwagandha root extract – Studies have shown that the ashwagandha root extract helps increase testosterone levels. Use of the aphrodisiac also boosts sperm count, volume and motility.

Damiana – A wild shrub from Central America, Mexico and the West Indies, damiana works by blocking the enzyme aromatase which converts testosterone into estrogen.

Diindolylmethane (DIM) – Found in the likes of broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower, diindolylmethane has a double impact. It inhibits aromatase, while also converting damaging forms of estrogen into lesser potent forms.

Eurycoma longifolia extract – Also known as Tongkat Ali, this can benefit the body in the number of ways. Crucially, though, it boosts the production of testosterone.

Quercetin – Used to reduce the excretion of testosterone through urination, by blocking the enzyme UGT2B17. Quercetin is found in apples and onions, as well as red wine.

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Alpha Jym Pros and Cons


  • No proprietary blend
  • Reduces estrogen levels
  • Reputable company


  • No money-back guarantee
  • No D-Aspartic Acid  or Vitamin D in the ingredients

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Alpha Jym review conclusions

This is a solid testosterone booster – as you would expect from JYM Supplement Science.

It is a real plus you can see exactly what you are getting with each serving, although a few of the key testosterone boosting ingredients are missing.

Alpha Jym is well-priced in a competitive market place which means you have little to lose if you don’t start seeing the benefits. This off-sets the lack of a money-back guarantee that you find with rival products.

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