Androgenix Review

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From Supreme Sports Enhancements comes Androgenix – a new testosterone booster that is now being sold by

This supplement claims to do only 2 things:

  • Boost Muscle Mass
  • Increase Performance

Whether Androgenix accomplishes these things however are down the servings and the ingredients.

This is the review that shows whether Androgenix is right for you.

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But first, who are Supreme Sports Enhancements?

About the Company

Supreme Sports Enhancements are a supplement manufacturer that have been in the business since 2008.

With numerous supplement lines under their belts, SSE makes products that work for both men and women who are looking to get in shape or to support their active lifestyle.

Their products are available from both online and offline retailers.

The Ingredients and how they work

Overall the servings on Androgenix aren’t that great.

With only 2 servings a day of 2 capsules, Androgenix doesn’t have the optimum amount of doses to keep T-levels constantly topped-up. This may slow your progress in the long run.

The optimum amount of servings you want for maximum results hovers around the 3 – 4 servings mark.

The ingredients are in the same boat. With only 2 ingredients, there’s only so much we can expect from this product:



This is a trademarked proprietary blend – but it’s essentially just ginger – however Ginger does have a range of benefits when supplemented correctly.

Although the studies to back this up are limited, Ginger has been seen to increase luteinizing hormone (LH) – The precursor of testosterone and growth.

It may have some effect when supplemented in a high enough dose.


Again, like Gingergenic, this is another proprietary blend that is essentially one ingredient – in this case Eurycoma Longifolia (Longjack).

This herb on the other hand has had no supporting evidence for its ability to boost testosterone, it does, however, help contribute to a healthier libido.

However, this product is lacking many of the core ingredients that have the most impact on T-levels. Zinc, Vitamin D3 and D-Aspartic Acid have all been seen as great choices when it comes to boosting T – it’s a real shame that they weren’t included.

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Side Effects

No side effects have been reported.

Pros and Cons


  • Promising study on Ginger
  • May help boost libido


  • Not enough core ingredients
  • Not enough servings
  • Only 1 T-boosting ingredient (that may or may not work)

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Androgenix Review Conclusion

Overall Androgenix is far from being one of the best T-boosters on the market.

The fact that it only contains 2 ingredients (Ginger and Longjack) definitely holds you back from making any real results.

The ginger’s only got limited evidence behind it for boosting testosteorne, and the only good the Longjack brings is a healthier libido.

If you’re looking for a potent and safe testosterone booster – I strongly suggest you look elsewhere.

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