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MuscleSport Thermal Revolution Review

21 Nov , 2017   MuscleSport-International-Thermal-Revolution-Review

MuscleSport International have released some great products in the past. But in this review, we'll be looking at their fat burner, Thermal Revolution, to see whether it's worth trying out. Claimed ...

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Alphamine Review

14 Nov , 2017   Alphamine-review

Alphamine reminds us of the original pre workouts, which all came in the same tubs, but with different labels and brands. However, the 'old' pre workouts gained a reputation for being ...

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Performix ISO SYM Review

13 Nov , 2017   Performix-ISO-SYM

Performix have become known for their high-priced supplements, but the question is always - are they worth it? That's exactly what we'll find out in this review. ISO SYM is claimed ...

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Metabolic Diet LipoFlush Review

9 Nov , 2017   Metabolic-Diet-Lipoflush-review

This is one of the new lesser known fat burners, but Metabolic Diet haven't messed around when pricing LipoFlush. It comes with a premium price tag, so it's definitely made to ...

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Instant Knockout vs Vintage Burn

8 Nov , 2017   Instant-Knockout-vs-Vintage-Burn

You asked for it, so we're going to give it to you. Instant Knockout vs Vintage Burn is a great showdown between 2 very well-respected fat burners, so let's see ...

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Instant Knockout vs FitMiss Burn

7 Nov , 2017  

Which is the better fat burner for women?  That's the golden question. The difference between the 2 products, is that 1 is designed as a specialist fat burner, regardless of gender, ...

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4 Gauge vs Gold Standard Pre Workout

6 Nov , 2017   4-Gauge-vs-Gold-Standard-Pre-Workout

Optimum Nutrition are a powerhouse in the supplements industry, and their products have a great reputation too - especially their protein powders. But today, we're looking at their Gold Standard Pre ...

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Instant Knockout vs SST v2X

31 Oct , 2017   Instant-Knockout-vs-SST-v2X

In this comparison, we're looking at 2 premium supplements here, Instant Knockout vs SST v2X. Both fat burners are highly priced, so we're only expecting the best from both products. However, ...

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Instant Knockout vs Animal Cuts

27 Oct , 2017   Instant-Knockout-vs-Animal-Cuts

Instant Knockout and Animal Cuts are 2 well-respected fat burners in the supplements industry. But which one is better? You'll find the answers in this review. Claimed to promote: Fat Loss ...

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Instant Knockout vs Shred Jym

23 Oct , 2017   Instant-Knockout-vs-Shred-Jym

If you're looking for the best fat burners on the market, then arguably 2 of them are right here; Instant Knockout vs Shred Jym. Both are claimed to promote: Fat loss ...

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TestoFuel vs Blue Star Status

20 Oct , 2017  

Blue Star Nutraceuticals's Status is priced to compete with premium supplements, so it'll be interesting how this battle goes down: TestoFuel vs Status. Both are claimed to promote: Test levels Strength ...

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4 Gauge Pre Workout vs C4

19 Oct , 2017   4-Gauge-Pre-Workout-vs-C4

Cellucor's C4 pre workout has been extremely popular in the industry. In fact, it's many people's favorite pre workout supplement as it's very highly rated. However, since the release of 4 ...

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Instant Knockout vs Trans4orm

16 Oct , 2017   Instant-Knockout-vs-Trans4orm

Evlution Nutrition have made some great products in the past, most notably Lean Mode. But in this review, we're focusing on 2 fat burners - Instant Knockout vs Trans4orm. It'll be ...

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TestoFuel vs EVLTest Review

13 Oct , 2017   TestoFuel-vs-EVLTest

These are 2 very popular ingredients in the testosterone booster market. So it's no suprise that one of our readers requested this show down between TestoFuel vs EVLTest. Both are claimed ...

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TestoFuel vs TEST FREAK Review: Which Is Better?

12 Oct , 2017   TestoFuel-vs-Test-Freak

If you've been searching for testosterone booster supplements, then you'll have already seen TestoFuel and Test Freak; their both big names in the market, and it's no surprise that you've ...

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Instant Knockout vs Lean Mode

11 Oct , 2017   Instant-Knockout-vs-Lean-Mode

We're back with 2 extremely popular fat burners. In fact, it's quite hard to avoid these products when searching for a fat burner supplement, so it'll be interesting to see ...

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Instant Knockout vs Hydroxycut Next Gen

6 Oct , 2017   Instant-Knockout-vs-Hydroxycut-Next-Gen

We're quite excited to get this battle underway, as both Instant Knockout and Hydroxycut Next Gen are HUGE named in the fat burner market. In fact, it's hard to avoid ...

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Instant Knockout vs BurnerTek Review

3 Oct , 2017   Instant-Knockout-vs-BurnerTek

In this review, we're comparing 2 similar fat burners; we call them similar, because they contain similar ingredients... but which one is the better product? Let's find out. Both are claimed to ...

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Prime Male vs TestoFuel Review

2 Oct , 2017   Prime-Male-vs-TestoFuel-Review

This is truly a battle of the giants. Here we have 2 of the highest rated testosterone booster supplements on the market, so it'll be interesting to see which is ...

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ON Pre Workout vs Jack3d Review

27 Sep , 2017   ON-Pre-Workout-vs-Jack3d

Jack3d gained attention for the wrong reasons, and was even banned in the UK after fears that it could seriously harm people. However, it's been reformulated since then, so we're ...