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SuperHD Water Review

30 Jan , 2018   SuperHD-Water-Review

Cellucor have released numerous products under their 'SuperHD' range, from test boosters to fat burners. So it'll be interesting to see what this latest fat burner brings to the table. Claimed ...

Fat Burner

Pro Supps Vanish Review

26 Jan , 2018   Vanish-review

Pro Supps are becoming more and more of a key player in the supplements industry. While they're perhaps better known for their pre workout supplements, this fat burner has also ...

Fat Burner

Hydroxycut SX-7 Non-Stim Review

23 Jan , 2018   Hydroxycut-SX-7-Non-Stim-Review

MuscleTech's Hydroxycut series of fat burners has gained a great reputation. In fact, it's quite hard to avoid these supplements when looking for products to help you shred fat, so ...

Fat Burner

Evogen Lipocide IR Review

19 Jan , 2018   Evogen-Lipocide-IR-review

Evogen are a reputable company in the industry, and Lipocide IR looks to be a great addition to their line-up of supplements. With some key fat burning nutrients included like green ...

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Elevate Cyclo Test Review

17 Jan , 2018   Elevate-Cyclo-Test-Review

Everyone always focuses on the big boys in the industry, so it's good to see what the 'lesser known' companies are creating. Elevate Cyclo Test contains some great ingredients, so ...

Testosterone Booster

Testosterone UP Review

8 Jan , 2018   Testosterone-UP-review

Testosterone UP is by no means a 'well-known' testosterone booster. It's not rated very well on bodybuilding.com either, sitting at a 2.0/10 at the time of writing, but we always ...

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AfterDrink review

5 Jan , 2018  

We came across AfterDrink after hearing about the recent rise of natural supplements designed to reduce the negative effects of drinking alcohol. After doing a little bit of ...

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USN Phedracut XT Hyper Burn Review

3 Jan , 2018   USN-Phedracut-XT-Review

With USN being a UK-based company and not shipping to America, it can be harder for them to compete with USA brands, such as Optimum Nutrition or MuscleTech. But they have ...

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MuscleMeds Methyl Arimatest Review

2 Jan , 2018   MuscleMeds-Methyl-Arimatest-Review

Methyl Arimatest caught our attention after seeing it's big red packaging. It claimed to raise your testosterone levels to over 10,000pg/ml; we found this interesting, as you could easily measure ...

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Eat The Bear NaturaLean Review

21 Dec , 2017   Eat-The-Bear-NaturaLean-Review

We're used to seeing the big brands of the internet around, such as Cellucor and Optimum Nutrition. So we like when lesser known companies release supplements - let's see whether ...

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MHP Anadrox Review

18 Dec , 2017   MHP-Anadrox-fat-burner-review

MHP have a developing reputation in the supplements industry, so it's always interesting taking a look at their products. In this review, we'll be looking at their fat burner supplement, ...

Fat Burner

Cellucor SuperHD Xtreme Review

14 Dec , 2017   Cellucor-SuperHD-Xtreme-review

Cellucor has released quite a few fat burners in their 'SuperHD' series, with Xtreme being another addition. It comes in a similar container to the others, but we'll be taking ...

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High Energy Labs TestoRx Review

13 Dec , 2017   High-Energy-TestoRx-Review

We won't lie to you, we hadn't heard of High Energy Labs before. But here at SupplementTester, we're always keeping an eye for new products we haven't already reviewed, so ...


Metabolic Diet TestoBoost Review

12 Dec , 2017   metabolic-diet-testoboost-review-side-effects

Metabolic Diet aren't considered to be one of the 'big boys' in the supplements industry like Optimum Nutrition. However, they've made some highly priced products that have caught our attention, ...

Fat Burner

Cellucor SuperHD Fire Review

11 Dec , 2017   SuperHD-Fire-Review

Cellucor are a powerhouse in the supplements industry, so when they release a supplement, you have to take a look. SuperHD Fire is one of the most expensive fat burners ...

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LipoTHERM Elite Review

1 Dec , 2017   LIPOTHERM-Elite-review

LipoTHERM Elite is presented in an interesting white label bottle. It looks very pharmaceutical and trustworthy, but we never recommend a supplement until we see whether the ingredients are safe ...

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Burn Ultra Fat Burner Review

30 Nov , 2017   Burn-Ultra-Fat-Burner-Review

Burn Ultra caught our attention after we saw that it was strangely priced differently for different flavors. While its Mango and Raspberry Lemonade flavors are both $39.99, the Pineapple Strawberry ...

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Ab Igniter Review

24 Nov , 2017   Top-secret-nutrition-ab-igniter-review

This caught our attention by being low-key...pretty strange right? We've reviewed many of the most popular supplements, so it's about time we found out whether the smaller products had any ...

Fat Burner

MuscleSport Thermal Revolution Review

21 Nov , 2017   MuscleSport-International-Thermal-Revolution-Review

MuscleSport International have released some great products in the past. But in this review, we'll be looking at their fat burner, Thermal Revolution, to see whether it's worth trying out. Claimed ...

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Alphamine Review

14 Nov , 2017   Alphamine-review

Alphamine reminds us of the original pre workouts, which all came in the same tubs, but with different labels and brands. However, the 'old' pre workouts gained a reputation for being ...