Fat Burner

Beverly International Lean Out Fat Burner Review

19 Apr , 2018   Beverley International Lean Out Fat Burner

The marketing blurb for Beverly International's Lean Out calls it a ” unique formula “ that's a ” must-have if you're on a fat-loss or cutting diet. “  Claims to promote: Fat loss Wellness A ...

Pre Workout

Nutrex Outlift Amped Pre-Workout Review

4 Apr , 2018  

Outlift Amped is a variation on quite a popular pre-workout - Nutrex's Outlift. Nutrex says it created this newer version to “ the gap for those wanting clinically dosed ingredients...and extreme ...

Testosterone Booster

Test Your Limits Testosterone Booster Review

3 Apr , 2018   TNT Test Your Limits Testosterone Booster Review

The marketing for the TNT Supplements' range says ” be prepared to experience the most explosive range of sport supplements on the market today! “  The hype continues with the company's description of ...

Fat Burner

Tek Naturals BurnerTek Fat Burner Review

2 Apr , 2018   BurnerTek review

Tek Naturals' BurnerTek Fat Burner is similar in both ingredients and price to some of the best supplements of its kind. Claims to be: Athletes' fat burner of choice  ” The most ...

Fat Burner

RSP Nutrition QuadraLean Thermogenic Fat Burner Review

28 Mar , 2018   RSP QuadraLean Thermogenic Fat Burner Review

QuadraLean Thermogenic is billed by RSP Nutrition as t“ he thermogenic counterpart of our best selling weight loss solution. “  Now, we love thermogenics - so we're eager to see what this inexpensive product ...

Pre Workout

MusclePharm Wreckage Pre-Workout Review

27 Mar , 2018   MusclePharm Wreckage Pre-Workout Supplement Review

MusclePharm Wreckage adds another pre-workout to the well-known brand's long list of supplements. Its Assault pre-workout is quite popular, so it isn't clear why the guys at MusclePharm added Wreckage to their ...

Testosterone Booster

PharmaFreak TEST FREAK Testosterone Booster Review

27 Mar , 2018  

TEST FREAK is a testosterone booster which its makers, PharmaFreak, state is ” unique.“  Whether that's a good thing or not, we're not sure. Claims to: Support estrogen balance Be unique Be ...

Pre Workout

ProSupps Mr Hyde NitroX Pre-Workout Review

26 Mar , 2018  

Mr Hyde NitroX is another product in a line of pre-workout supplements from ProSupps. We reviewed the company's Mr Hyde pre-workout back in 2016 and loved it - so we wanted ...

Testosterone Booster

Kaged Muscle Ferodrox Testosterone Booster Review

23 Mar , 2018  

Whether you're looking for a supp to fuel your pre-workouts, stack up on protein, boost T or stay hydrated - you can bet Kaged Muscle offers something for you. But are ...

Fat Burner

MuscleTech Hydroxycut LeanX Next Gen Fat Burner Review

22 Mar , 2018  

MuscleTech is quite a big name on the sports nutrition scene. Its Hydroxycut range has been around since the 1990s - and the company's ads claim the sub-brand is ” synonymous ...

Pre Workout

Optimum Nutrition Pro Pre Pre-Workout Review

21 Mar , 2018  

Optimum Nutrition makes a host of well-regarded fitness supplements - and we've tried and reviewed some of them on this website. But we've never put Pro Pre through its paces - ...

Testosterone Booster

Anabolic Matrix Rx Testosterone Booster by IronMag Labs Review

20 Mar , 2018  

Anabolic Matrix Rx is a testosterone booster which IronMag Labs calls its ” flagship product.“  The company also names its T-booster ” one of the most celebrated natural testosterone boosting supplements every created.“  Considering ...

Pre Workout

Bodybuilding.com Signature Pre-Workout Review

19 Mar , 2018  

Bodybuilding.com is many weight lifters' go-to website. And as we're fans of the site's Signature series (we love it's 100% Whey Protein ...

Fat Burner

Can You Take Fat Burning Pills Without Exercise?

19 Mar , 2018   Fat Burning Pills Without Exercise

There's no doubt exercise is important for your general health and CAN help you lose weight. After all, it can seem like obese people spend most of their time in front ...

Testosterone Booster

TestoFuel Vs Animal Test: Which T-Booster Should You Buy?

15 Mar , 2018  

The blurb for Universal Nutrition's Animal Test calls the T-booster ” the ultimate supplement to help support your goals. “  There seems to be millions of these supps claiming to be 'revolutionary', 'innovative' ...

Testosterone Booster

Testosterone Boosters Vs Estrogen Blockers

14 Mar , 2018  

There's no doubt that testosterone is the king of male hormones. It's the key to gaining muscle and supporting your sexual health as you age. However, a common perception is that ...

Pre Workout

5 Allergic Reactions to Pre-Workout Supplements

9 Mar , 2018   pre-workout allergic reaction

Studies show the best pre-workout supplements are safe to use. However, many users report a long list of common side effects - often the result of allergic reactions. And considering a ...

Testosterone Booster

Apex Male Testosterone Booster by Blackstone Labs Review

8 Mar , 2018  

Apex Male recently took its place on some online reviewers' lists of the best testosterone boosters on the market. Its makers, Blackstone Labs, say Apex Male is a great way ...

Fat Burner

24/7 Burn by BPI Sports Fat Burner Review

7 Mar , 2018  

In its description for 24/7 Burn, BPI Sports refers to the fat burner as both an energy booster and a stimulant-free product - surely a contraction in terms. Nonetheless, 24/7 Burn does ...

Testosterone Booster

Assault Labs Sergeant Steel Testosterone Booster Review

28 Feb , 2018  

The blurb for Sergeant Steel calls it ” the strongest testosterone booster to ever hit the market! “ and declares ” the standard for testosterone boosting “ to be ” forever changed.“  ...