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One of the best fat burners I’ve come across so far has got to be Instant Knockout. If you’re looking to get completely ripped over the next few months, this is the supplement you want to be using.

The reason you’ll like Instant Knockout is because of it’s proven natural ingredients, meaning you’ll definitely get results.

I’ve tried it myself and I felt the following benefits on Instant Knockout

  • Shredded abs – Fat loss around your torso quickly
  • Sculpted body – Maintain your muscle mass while losing body fat
  • Better workouts – Stay motivated to train on a cut

This is down to to the fat burner’s ingredients that enable:

  • Faster Fat Burning – Shed pounds quicker
  • Increased energy – Train harder for longer
  • Reduced appetite – Crave less food between mealsinstant-knockout-review-1

You can find out about my personal experience using Instant Knockout at the bottom of this review. I had some great results.

The company

Roar Ambition are a cutting-edge UK-based sports supplements company which also produces TestoFuel.

They claim to stay at the “forefront of nutritional research” and “develop products for fitness enthusiasts, gym warriors, amateur and professional athletes that require the most effective and well researched formulas”.

Their supplements are produced in GMP-certified and FDA approved facilities and they ship worldwide from the USA and the UK.

Used by MMA fighters

Top UFC fighters Diego Sanchez and John Dodson are two of the reported fighters that currently use this fat burner to help them cut fat before a fight and maintain their muscle and strength while doing it.


You can see more about the fighters on this page

Ingredients and how they work

With Instant Knockout, you take one capsule four times a day. Because of the caffeine I suggest you don’t take the last one too late (ideally no later than 5/6 hours before you sleep).

There are a number of our top fat-burning ingredients packed into every serving – and you can clearly see how much you are getting because Instant Knockout doesn’t use proprietary blends.

Core Ingredients

Green Tea Extract – A popular ingredient in a lot of fat burners – and for good reason. The catechins in green tea have been shown to add fat burning by increasing the thermogenic process and inhibiting the fatty acid synthase enzyme.

Cayenne Powder – A powerful weapon in the fat-burning arsenal. This red hot chili pepper gives you a natural thermogenic boost by raising body temperature and forcing it to burn calories in order to cool down. Some studies have also shown that it can suppress appetite.

Glucomannan – Found in the root of the konjac plant, this fiber swells in the stomach, absorbing fats and leaving you feeling full.

Caffeine anhydrous – Works by stimulating the body’s metabolism and boosting energy levels. It also works in conjunction with green tea to increase the body’s thermic response to food.

Vitamin B6 – An essential nutrient, vitamin B6 – or pyridoxine – helps speed up the body’s metabolism, while it also increases the pancreatic fluids to break down fats in food.

Vitamin B12 – Also known as cyanocobalamin, it helps boost the metabolism and breaks down fats and proteins in food so they can be used as energy.

Zinc – An essential mineral, zinc assists the body in processing carbohydrate, fat and proteins into fuel to sustain energy levels. It also helps improve mood.

Chromium – Research has shown chromium, which can be found in broccoli and grape, can decrease appetite and suppress the cravings for carbohydrates

Green Coffee Extract – The chlorogenic acid found in green coffee beans inhibits the enzyme glucose-6-phosphatase to cut down on the formation of glucose in your liver.

Black Pepper Extract – Has been shown to assist in the absorption rate of key nutrients.

To find out more about what goes into Instant Knockout, you can see a fuller description over on

For the best ingredients to look out for in fat burners, read our in-depth guide.instant-knockout-review1

Side effects

Instant Knockout contains natural, safe ingredients, so there are no known side effects – although too much caffeine can have an impact. Around 300-400mg of caffeine a day is considered safe, with Instant Knockout within that range.

As a result, though, it shouldn’t be taken alongside any other products that contain caffeine or stimulants, while your last capsule should be taken no later than five hours before bed.

Pros and cons


  • Top fat-burning ingredients
  • Suppresses hunger
  • Great results
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Ship worldwide


  • High stimulants – which is expect with this type of product
  • Have to remember to take your doses earlier in the day
  • Only available from their website. Can’t buy in stores.

What it’s done for other guys

While researching Instant Knockout, you find more than a few success stories.

Guys in forums, YouTube and various websites all have promising things to say about Instant Knockout – and we can see why, just look at the transformations on some of these guys:


And this guy Kevin looks like a totally different person:


There’s loads more of these too, and you can see them all on the supplement’s testimonial page:

Review conclusion

Instant Knockout packs a punch. It has a superb ingredients and some strong doses to not only burn fat but to suppress hunger at the same time.

It does mean, though, that you shouldn’t really take any of the red capsules just before bed if you want a good night’s sleep.

If you look around then you will find plenty of positive reviews from users, which is an encouraging sign.

Instant Knockout comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee (which is only valid if you order three month’s worth) although you can only order it from

We highly recommend it as our top fat burner. It will help you to get the results you are looking for, faster.instant-knockout-review3

Our personal results

What I bought

Instant Knockout 3 Month Supply – Includes 3 Boxes of Instant Knockout + 1 Free Box + 1 Free T-Shirt

Energy 5/5

The first thing you’re going to feel when you take Instant Knockout is the caffeine – it’s just enough to get you energized without giving you jitters or an ‘energy crash’. I liked it a lot.

It offers similar effects to a pre-workout, except it helps you burn fat in the process – it’s incredibly useful if you’re looking for extra energy while you’re cutting and taking in fewer calories.

Fat Loss 5/5

The next thing you’re going to feel is the ‘whole body burn’ – this supp is a potent thermogenic, and is great for literally burning away the fat.

The best way to describe it is that you feel warmer than usual, for me it felt like the fat was literally melting off. If you do a lot of cardio you’ll notice that you sweat more.

This is down to the green tea, green coffee bean and cayenne pepper all working together.

It’s incredibly effective.

Appetite Suppression 5/5

When cutting, I always find the hunger to be the worst part. However when using Instant Knockout I didn’t notice it as much.

The fibrous complex in this fat burner really fills you up if taken between meals and keeps you on track with your diet.

My Results 5/5

Using Instant Knockout I went from 16 – 17% body fat to just under 9%. I maintained a similar weight and was the most sculpted I’ve been in a long time.

My adonis belt pops out of my hips and I’m a lot more vascular than when I started Instant Knockout.

If you’re looking to shred down and maintain the most amount of muscle, I strongly suggest you look into getting this fat burner.


There are usually some great multi-box deals over on their website, so it’s worth buying in bulk if you’re really serious about shredding up. View all the offers here.

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