Instant Knockout vs BurnerTek Review

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In this review, we’re comparing 2 similar fat burners; we call them similar, because they contain similar ingredients…

but which one is the better product? Let’s find out.

Both are claimed to promote:

  • Metabolism
  • Appetite control
  • Raised energy levels
  • Fat loss

These are the key benefits that every fat burner should deliver, so we’ll be keeping a close on each product’s nutrient profile – to see which supplement is more effective.

Take a look:

About The Companies

Roar Ambition 

A premium supplements company, Roar Ambition have gained a great reputation through Instant Knockout, and their fat burner called TestoFuel.

They have some big names endorsing their supplements, from bodybuilding legend, Robby Robinson, to UFC star, Diego Sanchez (who used Instant Knockout to cut weight before fights).


TekNaturals are a supplements company that market similar products to Roar Ambition. As we mentioned, BurnerTek contains similar ingredients to Instant Knockout, so it’ll be interesting to see how they compare.

So let’s check out the nutrient profiles of each product, so we can determine which is better.

The Ingredients and How They Work

Difference In Dosages

Alright, so far in this review, we’ve emphasized the fact that both Instant Knockout and BurnerTek contain very similar ingredients.

However, one big difference is the dosages of each ingredient inside these fat burner supplements. You’ll be able to see the difference when looking at the ingredient lists of these products, and it’s one thing you should keep an eye on.


Ineffective Dosages = Ineffective Product

This subtitle is a factual statement. Companies can add key fat burning nutrients, but if they don’t dose them correctly, then they won’t work.

In fact, this is exactly why scientific studies are conducted on ingredients; so professionals know the dosages of ingredients required to take effect.

Ultimately, it’s the companies downfall when they don’t do their research and check these studies, or simply ignore them to cut production costs.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t be fooled by fancy advertisements. Always try to check the optimal dosages of each nutrient inside gym supplements – to see whether they’re actually likely to work.

Luckily for you, we’re here to give you this information, so you don’t have to do the hard work.

See for yourself:

Green Tea Extract

Everyone knows that green tea extract is good for your health. But the problem is, not everyone likes the taste when drinking it.

As a result, the most convenient way of getting this in your body is through a fat burner supplement.

Both of the dosages of green tea extract are identical in both Instant Knockout and TestoFuel, and been well dosed at 500mg too.

What does it do? Answer: boosts your general health and metabolism, which in turn promotes fat loss.

Great start by both of these fat burner supplements here.

Green Coffee Bean Extract 

Again the dosages of this nutrient is very similar in both Instant Knockout and BurnerTek.

Green coffee bean extract works quite similarly to green tea extract; both are thermogenic nutrients, meaning they boost your metabolism and encourage your body to burn more calories, increasing your rate of fat loss.

There’s only a 50mg difference between both fat burners here, which doesn’t put one ahead of the other.

Cayenne Powder 

Cayenne is a form of chilli pepper that’s known for its ability to ‘spice’ up food. If you’ve ever eaten one, then you’ll have been sweating shortly afterwards, probably asking for a glass of milk to cool you down.

Simply put, this is because cayenne powder has the ability to raise your body temperature. This process forces your body to use extra calories to cool itself down to normal temperature, which helps you shift body fat.

Again, there’s no real winner here, as the dosage of Cayenne Powder in both Instant Knockout and BurnerTek are exactly the same.


If there’s one ingredient you won’t have heard about before, then it’ll be glucomannan.

It’s a popular ingredient in Japan, used to create konjac noodles and added to hot pots. However, we’re impressed that both of these fat burners contain this nutrient, as it’s able to help suppress your appetite – keeping you away from those sugary treats and fast food.

Again, both of these products contain the same dosage of glucomannan, so there’s no real winner here either. Now, you can see why we’re placing an emphasis on both products containing similar ingredients.

However, we know that Instant Knockout appeared before BurnerTek, so the latter is more likely to be the ‘copycat’ here.

Unique Ingredients

We’ve covered the ingredients that are seen in both Instant Knockout and BurnerTek. So we’ll take a look at which ingredients are unique to each product.

Garcinia Fruit Extract (BurnerTek) 

This is a notable ingredient in BurnerTek that isn’t contained in Instant Knockout.

It’s similar to raspberry ketones in the sense that it gained some media attention as being some kind of ‘miracle weight loss’ ingredient.

However, it didn’t prove to be effective at promoting fat loss in any scientific study conducted on it. Therefore, we consider this to be an ineffective ingredient in BurnerTek.

But the worst part is that garcinia fruit extract has been reported to cause side effects such as liver damage, fatigue, headaches, nausea and diarrhea.

As a result, it’s bad news that TekNaturals have added garcinia fruit extract into BurnerTek. Ultimately, this helps Instant Knockout take the lead, as it doesn’t contain this potentially harmful ingredient.

Black Pepper Extract (Instant Knockout) 

Black pepper extract is an ingredient unique to Instant Knockout that isn’t featured in BurnerTek.

It’s not going to ‘make or break’ a fat burner, but it can be a useful ‘bonus’ ingredient to have; black pepper extract has shown promising signs of improving the absorption rate of supplements it’s added to.

Ultimately, this means that black pepper extract helps make other nutrients it’s consumed with, slightly more effective.

– Learn more about Instant Knockout’s Ingredients Here –


– Learn more about BurnerTek’s Ingredients –

Side Effects

Instant Knockout

The good news for Roar Ambition, is that Instant Knockout doesn’t contain any ingredients that have been reported to cause any side effects.

We’ve tried this fat burner ourselves and didn’t suffer any unwanted side effects. So we believe that this is side-effects-free.


Although BurnerTek contains mostly the same ingredients as Instant Knockout, TekNaturals made a mistake by adding garcinia fruit extract.

We mentioned that this gained attention for supposedly being a ‘miracle fat loss ingredient’. But since then, studies have revealed that it’s a gimmick, which can cause side effects.

Here are the side effects you might suffer from:

  • Liver damage
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea

Pros and Cons

Instant Knockout Pros: 

  • No side effects
  • Optimal dosages of key fat burning nutrients
  • Likely to help you lose body fat
  • Less expensive than BurnerTek ($59)
  • Less Risk With 90 Day Money-Back Guanrantee

BurnerTek Pros: 

  • Optimal dosages of key fat burning ingredients
  • Likely to promote fat loss

Instant Knockout Cons:

  • Premium price – more expensive than less effective products
  • You can only buy from their website:

BurnerTek Cons: 

  • Garcinia fruit extract reported to cause side effects
  • More expensive than Instant Knockout ($69.99)
  • Extra costs to ship outside of the USA

Summary: Instant Knockout vs BurnerTek

Although both fat burners contain very similar ingredients and dosages, TekNaturals have made a mistake by including garcinia fruit extract in BurnerTek; as you can see above, this nutrient has been reported to cause numerous side effects.

Ultimately, this is the only thing that really sets these products apart.

However, we will point out that we saw Instant Knockout on the market first. So if anyone is pointing any fingers and shouting ‘copycat’, then BurnerTek will be the more likely culprit here.

Our Verdict: Instant Knockout Wins
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