Platinum Pre Review

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Pre-workouts are quickly becoming a must-have supplement for those looking to improve their results at the gym.

Coming from Optimum Nutrition there is Platinum Pre, which packs a lot into each 8g scoop – including caffeine and beta-alanine.

Optimum Nutrition has a strong reputation for producing top-quality supplements and they claim this “pre-workout formula is 100% business”.

Ingredients and how they work

Carbohydrates – Needed as fuel for your workout. Carbohydrates will stimulate insulin to suppress cortisol.

Protein – The core ingredient to any supplement regime, it helps build muscle and burn fat. The reason it is added to pre-workouts is to speed up the process.

Vitamin C – Ascorbic acid helps lower the levels of soreness and damage in the muscles through its antioxidant properties.

Sodium – Helps maintain a healthy balance of the mineral that is lost through sweating during exercising. It has also been shown to increase blood volume through oncotic pressure.

Potassium – Reduces the risk of muscle cramps as levels of this electrolyte are reduced due to sweating.

L-Citrulline – An amino acid that increases endurance, reduces fatigue and decreases muscles soreness.

Beta-alanine – This modified amino acid converts to the molecule carnosine to combat the build up of lactic acid production. Beta-alanine has also been shown to increase muscle endurance and decrease fatigue.

DMAE Bitartrate – Improves memory and focus via antioxidant functions.

PhytoBlend (Beet Juice Powder, Grape Seed Extract, MegaNatural Red Wine Grape Extract, Citris Bioflavonoids) – The combinations in the blend provide antioxident support to the body.

Caffeine – The stimulant works by suppressing the inhibitory neurotransmitter adenosine which causes sleep and relaxation. Numerous studies have highlighted caffeine’s benefits on exercise, including increased endurance and strength and a reduction in fatigue.

Capsimax Capsicum Extract – Commonly found in fat burners, this hot chili pepper extract helps increase the body’s metabolism by boosting the levels of norepinephrine.

Platinum Pre Pros and Cons


  • Strong ingredients
  • Great reviews


  • No creatine
  • Some side effects felt with beta-alanine

Platinum Pre review conclusions

This is a well-put together formula, as you would expect from Optimum Nutrition. The beta-alanine is a little underdosed for one serving – although it is a tough balancing act as too much can cause paresthesia – however you get a good hit of other ingredients. With pre-workout powders, it is always good to see creatine included for that workout boost.

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