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TestoFuel, from Roar Ambition, believes it has right combination of natural testosterone-boosting ingredients to raise testosterone and help build muscle.

So far, it is the best natural T-Booster I’ve come across.

Containing the likes of d-aspartic acid, vitamin D3 and oyster extract, TestoFuel claims it has a “unique winning formula” which sees you…

  • Make muscle gains – Increase Size and Hardness
  • Enhance strength – Lift more weight
  • Reduce body fat – Lean out waist, become more triangular
  • Lift mood – Have more energy, feel more motivated
  • Improve your libido – Increase sex drive and performance

It’s an impressive supplement, and the way TestoFuel does this is by performing three key processes in the body:

  • Supporting Testosterone Production – Creates more of the male hormone
  • Promoting Free Testosterone – Increases Testosterone’s Bio-availablity
  • Suppressing Estrogen – Blocks female hormone production

And from our research it has received good reviews on many fitness sites and forums, with users experiencing noticeable results.

Read my personal experience with TestoFuel at the bottom of this article.testofuel-review-1

The company

Roar Ambition is a progressive sports performance supplements company.

Based in the UK, they work with nutritional experts, scientists and athletes to produce clinically-researched supplements. Their formulas and made up of safe, natural and effective ingredients – which are updated every 6 months.

Roar Ambition’s supplements are produced in GMP certified and FDA approved facilities and are shipped worldwide from their depots in the USA and UK.

The company also produce Instant Knockout a high performing fat burner currently used by professional MMA fighters, by the likes of Diego Sanchez and John Dodson.

What people are saying about TestoFuel:

I did some research on TestoFuel and did some reading on forums and round Youtube. These two guys really brought the benefits home for me:



I noticed later on that these guys are currently featured on the TestoFuel website: https://www.testofuel.com/our-testimonials/ their transformations are up there along with write ups of they experienced. You should definitely check it out.

Ingredients and how they work

TestoFuel requires you to take just one capsule four times a day, with no need to cycle on and off. This is the optimum amount of servings per day for the best T-Boosting results.

The 3-4 serving mark is enough to ensure a consistent to supply of nutrients are in the body and constantly raising testosterone.

There are no proprietary blends in TestoFuel. You are getting the full doses of clinically proven testosterone-boosting ingredients:



D-Aspartic Acid – This amino acid reacts in the brain to stimulate the release of luteinizing hormone, which is a precursor to testosterone. Not only that, D-Aspartic Acid has been seen to help produce growth hormone and follicle stimulating hormones. Studies have shown that taking D-Asp over a period of 12 or more days can increase testosterone levels by just under 50%.

Vitamin D3 – Actually more of a hormone than a vitamin, D3 is an essential nutrient is largely synthesized in the skin via sunlight. In most cases we don’t get a lot of Vitamin D3 due to working indoors or living in naturally overcast countries. A vitamin D deficiency can be serious with many men having lower free testosterone as a result. Supplementation of Vitamin D3 has also been proven to increase testosterone levels.

Oyster Extract – As well as being a potent source of zinc – 10 times the amount of than you would find in a steak – oyster extract also includes all 59 trace elements needed by the body, covering amino acids, vitamins and other effective nutrients to support the body. The zinc in the Oyster Extract is needed for reactions in the brain to create more of the luteinizing hormone – the producer of testosterone.

Other ingredients include:

  • Fenugreek – Free testosterone promoter
  • Magnesium – Free testosterone promoter
  • Zinc – Testosterone Producer
  • Red Panax Ginseng – Libido Enhancer
  • Vitamin B6 – Essential for Testosterone Regulation
  • Vitamin K2 – Supports D3

No ingredient in this product is without a purpose.

These are all key ingredients to T-Boosting and you can read about them more in the link below or on TestoFuel’s website at: https://www.testofuel.com/ingredients/

Check out which ingredients work and which don’t in our
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TestoFuel side effects

As TestoFuel is made from natural and safe ingredients there should be no side effects, unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients – such as oyster extract. There are no banned substances in TestoFuel, either, so there are no problems in taking a drugs test.

TestoFuel pros and cons


  • Increases muscle growth and recovery
  • No proprietary blends
  • Strong doses of testosterone-boosting ingredients
  • Great reviews
  • Shipped worldwide
  • No side effects


  • Not suitable for vegetarians
  • Can’t be purchased in stores or elsewhere online
  • You have to buy three month’s supply to qualify for the 90-day moneyback guarantee

Review conclusion

By far the best testosterone booster available on the market today.

There is an impressive number of proven ingredients included without weakening the dosage (for example, there is a healthy 2,300mg of d-aspartic acid per serving).

We also love the fact you can see exactly what you are getting, rather than a whole list of ingredients hidden in a proprietary blend.

However it is frustrating can only buy it in one place, while to qualify for the 90-day moneyback guarantee you do have to buy three month’s supply first.

You can read more on their website: www.TestoFuel.comtestofuel-review-2

Our personal TestoFuel results

What I bought

For this review I bought the 3 month package off the TestoFuel website, it came with an extra month’s worth of TestoFuel, a free T-Shirt and two workout guides.


What I experienced

When I first started taking TestoFuel the main thing I noticed was a surge in motivation.

I felt more energetic and was actually excited when it came to getting ready for a workout.

After a month is when you’ll start seeing a difference in your lifts. For me, I was more aggressive in tackling weights – I was upping the weights every session and recovering a lot faster – and this effect seemed to snowball over time.

By the third month I was going the gym 6 times a week and looked the best I had in years.

At the end of month 4 I had more energy, strength and overall muscle mass. I had even broken my PR for bench press which I set in my early 20s, and felt more confident and better in myself.

If you’re in a slump, and looking for motivation and faster gains, I strongly suggest taking TestoFuel for a few months.

In my experience, multi-box deals are the best way to go, find out what deals they have on at the moment over here.

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