Top Three Fat Burners

You want to cut fat faster?

Who doesn’t?

There’s nothing better than ripping your shirt off to reveal a rippling set of stacked abs. It feels good, it looks good, and your body’ll definitely get the attention it deserves.

But it’s easier said than done.

Once bulking season is over it’s hard to transition into the shredded lifestyle without facing caloric deficits and cardio. However, fat burners are the ultimate supplements to make this process easier.

Having developed massively over the last few years Fat Burners have the ability to:

  • Carve out your abs – Lose body fat a lot quicker
  • Increase Motivation – Have more energy to keep training
  • Cut down on cravings – Feel more full and keep on track with your diet

It all sounds good, but you’re going to need more proof than that. Let me explain the processes these products do in the body, and why you should be using them.

Here’s a quick overview of the best ones at the moment:

Top Fat Burners#1 Instant Knockout#2 Hunter Burn#3 Hourglass
Hunter BurnHourglass bottle
Overall User Rating5 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
Supplement WebsiteVisit SiteVisit SiteVisit Site
Capsules Per Day443
Ships toWorldwide
(From US and UK)
Depends on VendorDepends on Vendor
Company ReputationExcellentGreatGood
Guarantee90 Days
(With 3 Box Deal)
Depends on VendorDepends on Vendor
Supports Thermogenic Fat BurningYes – 5/5Yes – 4/5Yes – 4/5
Promotes Energy and MetabolismYes – 5/5Yes – 4/5Yes – 4/5
Suppresses AppetiteYes – 5/5Yes – 4/5Yes – 3/5
(Discounts on multiple boxes)
Side effectsNone Reported None ReportedNone Reported
Read Full ReviewRead ReviewRead review
Instant Knockout5 starsVisit Site4WorldwideExcellent90 Days (With 3 Box Deal)Yes – 5/5Yes – 5/5Yes – 5/5$59.00 (Discounts on multiple boxes)None ReportedRead Review
Hunter Burn4 StarsVisit Site4Depends on VendorGreatDepends on VendorYes – 4/5Yes – 4/5Yes – 3/5$75.00None Reported
Hourglass bottle4starstableVisit Site3Depends on VendorGoodDepends on VendorYes – 4/5Yes – 4/5Yes – 3/5$50.00None ReportedRead review


 Top Three Fat Burners

After widely researching the nutrients in fat burners, what dosages they use, and the reputation of the company they come from, I’ve been able to put together a well-informed list of the top products in this area on the market.

These are technically the best products on the market with ingredients that have been backed by clinical studies vouching for their effectiveness.

1. Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout

Originally used by Mixed Martial Artists to cut down weight before a fight. Instant Knockout uses all natural ingredients and has a glowing reputation – along with a 90 day money back guarantee.

Why you’ll like it:

Instant Knockout is equipped with some of the latest potent fat burning ingredients which promotes:

  • Fast Fat Burning – Get shredded quickly
  • Increased Energy – Keep going during low calorie diets
  • Better Workouts – More focus and energy
  • Appetite Control – Less hunger cravings to help you stay on diet


  • Premium price-tag – it’s not cheap, but the best products on the market usually aren’t.
  • You can only buy from official website:

Learn Why It’s so Effective:

Just as we’d gotten used to being dissapointed by other fat burners, we thought we’d give 1 last fat burner a chance – and we’re glad we did.

Instant Knockout turned out to be the hiddem gem we’d been looking for, for years. After being impressed by its nutrient profile, we could see that it contained key fat burning nutrients to kickstart your metabolism.

But what really impressed us, what that Instant Knockout was able to suppress your appetite, due to containing glucomannan; this is great for when you’re low on carbs and usually struggle between meals.

Ultimately, we didn’t suffer any side effects during the time we took this fat burner. And most importantly, it helped us reveal our abs for the first time in our lives.

You can read my full thoughts, and personal results on Instant Knockout in the link below. I also cover why it works so well and the effective ingredients it uses:

Full Instant Knockout Review Here


To Buy, Visit The Official Site

2. Hunter Burn

Hunter Burn

Hunter Burn is a premium fat burner designed for the busy man who wants to “trim the waistline, but not the muscle.”

Why you’ll like it:

Hunter uses six of the highest-quality ingredients to help you:

  • Slim down without sacrificing muscle gains
  • Beat hunger pangs
  • Replace energy you lose on a diet, without any crashes
  • Look and feel fitter and healthier


  • At $75, this costs more than most fat burners we’ve tried
  • Uses gelatin capsules – not suitable for vegetarians

So why isn’t this product number 1?

Instant Knockout is a more affordable product with a bunch of key fat-burning ingredients. As a result, Hunter doesn’t quite represent that kind of value for money.

That said, Hunter Burn is one of the few fat burners to give you what you pay for. So – if you’re one of those guys for whom only the best will do – look no further than Hunter Burn.


To buy, visit their official site –

3. Leanbean


Leanbean is another fat burner containing all-natural ingredients. It ticks the boxes that we look for, and is an effective and respectable product.

Why you’ll like it:

This product contains ingredients that help:

  • Burns Fat
  • Promotes Energy
  • Contains proven thermogenic nutrients 


  • More expensive than other fat burners on the market
  • Underdosed appetite suppressant
  • You can only buy online at

Why it came 3rd:

Just by looking at the nutrient profile for Leanbean, you can see that it’s a high quality supplement; it contains great dosages of green coffee bean extract and cayenne pepper powder (2 proven thermogenic ingredients to help you shred fat).

However, when comparing it to the best, you can see that Leanbean contains much less glucomannan, meaning it might not suppress your appetite as much as Instant Knockout or Hunter Burn. But saying that, it’s better than many other fat burners on the market, so it’s definitely worthy of a 3rd place prize here.

There’s quite a lot to cover on Leanbean, so you can find out my full thoughts in the link below:

Full Ripped Freak Review Here

Or visit their website:

A Guide to Fat Burners

How do Fat Burners Work?

We all  know they burn fat, but how? Well, using various clinically proven ingredients, Fat Burners have three major features to aid the body lose weight:

Thermogenesis – Arguably one of the top features of a good fat burner. Thermogenesis is a process that makes the body burn more calories than usual, even when resting. This happens due to an increase in metabolism, and raised body heat where the body must expend energy to cool itself.

Appetite Suppression – This is a newer feature to fat burners but definitely appreciated. Utilizing well researched fibrous complexes which swell in the stomach, fat burners can increase the feeling of fullness and stop cravings.

Higher Energy Levels – Using a variety of proven stimulants, a good fat burners provide you with an extra boost which can help both in and out of the gym, especially when on a low calorie diet.

Those sound like some pretty great features, but how do we know the fat burner that we buy will do these jobs well?

How to Identify a Good Fat Burner

Looking for a good fat burner is just like any other supplement. There are good ones and bad ones, and only a few ways to tell the difference. This comes from looking at:

  • The Dosage/Serving
  • The Ingredients and their transparency (probably, most importantly)
  • The Company – Reputation, Guarantees, Returns

Best servings for a Fat Burner

The amount of times you take a product a day is a major player in it’s effectiveness. Supplements that are more aimed towards a goal, as opposed to something like a vitamin, work best when used around 3 – 4 times a day.

This is the best for something like a fat burner to keep the metabolism high and the thermogenesis constant.

Some fat burners tend to argue that their dose is so potent that they only require one pill a day. The problem with these products is that the effects wear off, part-way through the day. This is especially bad when they incorporate stimulants. The energy crash can be a huge inconvenience.

Best Fat Burning Ingredients

Whatever way you slice it, the ingredients are always going to be the most important part of a fat burner. They must be of pure quality and clinically tested with proof of their effectiveness.

I’m so concerned with the growing beliefs in ‘trend’ ingredients like Raspberry Ketones and Garcinia Cambogia that don’t work that I’ve prepared a full list of proven ingredients, each with links their own specific study.

Check out which ingredients work and which don’t in our
– Fat Burner ingredients guide –

What is the Company’s reputation?

When purchasing a product you should try to find out more about the company and what they offer with the supplement in question.

Money-Back Guarantees are a good thing to keep an eye out for. It shows that the company believes in their product and are willing to replace or refund the goods if you’re not entirely satisfied with your purchase. They will voluntarily cost themselves money if you don’t find their product effective enough.

Final Fat Burner Tip

When using a fat burner you must remember that it is not just a ‘magic pill’ you can use to melt away your fat.

A fat burner is used to tackle the process of weight loss in a faster, more effective manner. Keeping up with your diet and exercising regularly is the best way to see results with these products.

Pushing your results further, under the correct conditions fat burners will keep you lean and your body fat reduced.

Where do I go now?

Now that you know what you should be looking for in a fat burner, your next course of action should be is to find out more about which ones can help you the most.

We strongly recommend that from here, you visit our Instant Knockout review – it’s by far the most effective and safest fat burners we’ve seen.

If you want the best results from a fat burning supplement, start there.

Full Instant Knockout Review Here

Or visit their website: